reiner dahms
fitness & bodybuilding photography - mannheim, germany


I can be booked as a photographer for commercial projects, like advertising campaigns or other jobs related to bodybuilding or fitness. Just keep in mind I am located in Germany. If you are looking for stock photos, please check out my 'muscle archive'. All prices on request.

If you have achieved an above-average proficiency level as a bodybuilder and are interested in a shooting with me, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. But, since you read these pages in English, keep in mind I am located in Germany. If you are located somewhere else in the world, probably no precise plans can be made right away, but one never knows what's possible or not.

If none of the mentioned above meets you but you really like my photo work and projects and you'd like to support me, there are some other ways this could be done.

Most important: English is not my mother language. That's probably not hard to figure out; if something I wrote here just sounds too ridiculous or just doesn't make any sense, please let me know if you find the time to do so. That would be appreciated very much! Really big help might be rewarded with free access to my 'muscle archive'.

Beside photography I never had the time to become a highly skilled web designer, so if you notice some errors on these pages, please let me know. I also use the ‘Internet Explorer’ to check my web site; if you experience problems with other browsers, this would be some useful information as any other feedback to my homepage as well.

I am also very interested in finding new, cool locations. It gets quite cold in Germany, so any indoor locations that are big and with bright (day)light are great - but since you read this in English, you probably are not around my area here in Germany. But anyway, if you have something in mind, that might be interesting, just let me know.
And beside of that all: if you have any suggestions about my site or my photography, don’t hesitate to let me know. I probably won’t be able to take care of everything, but just give it a try.