reiner dahms
fitness & bodybuilding photography - mannheim, germany


I've already been interested in photography even as a young teenager, but I've been happy with the role of the viewer for a long time. With my love for bodybuilding I had been more progressive and started working out in the gym at the age of 17, though I never grew exceptional big.

It took me until the end of the 90thies I finally started taking photos, but then as intense as possibile. After first experiences with general portrait and people photography I decided to focus exclusively on fitness and bodybuilding, and there especially on competitive athletes .

This had been a very purposive decision. On the one hand I had and I still have a great respect from what a competitive bodybuilder has to go through in his preparation and I find this whole world just fascinating. On the other hand I saw an enormous challenge. My goal had been to create photos that show all aspects of bodybuilding (like definition, muscle mass, symmetry), keep up a high technical level and a add some creativity and aesthetic. If I also manage to let the personality of the athlete shine through, my objectives are completly fulfilled.

Meanwhile I have more than 10 years experience on this field of activity and have worked with the best and successful competitive competetive athletes of Germany. I still enjoy it all and put in the best effort like when I started, but I never stopped working on my photography and keep on emerging. I still see many different directions I would like to try with my images.

I especially appreciate the positive feedback from the bodybuilding scene, but I am pleased as well to the that the "regular" world out there understands my photos what is a bit like building bridges.

Beyond the photography I am also working complimentary as a board member for the BWBF, the local division of the IFBB for Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As press officer I maintain the confederation's website ( and take care of the news coverage (photos and reports) of our competitions.



impressions from a shooting:

Shooting mit Daniel Hill.jpg

Shooting mit Daniel Hill.jpg